Brad Kawakami

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Executive Producer - Brad Kawakami
Producer - Brad Kawakami, Herb Ohta, Jr., & DJ Pratt
Engineering & Mixing - DJ Pratt & Kapena De Lima
Mastering - DJ Pratt
Photography - Lynn Piccoli, Shep Kawakami, & Brad Kawakami
Graphics - Bob Madison & Brad Kawakami
Recorded at - Blue Planet Sounds, Dolphin Sounds, &
Bu Print Studios


Full circle. I've had the rare opportunity to really see a dear friend's musical journey come full circle. This is what the debut CD for Brad Kawakami is to me.

I first met Brad years ago through previous PALI band members, Brad's extremely talented and gifted uncles, Shepard and Mark Kawakami. At that time, Brad was the eager budding musician who started playing rhythm guitar for a fan-favorite group, Backyard Pa'ina. After shifting members in PALI, Brad came aboard with the counting task of learning a bunch of new material, harmonies, and songs in a relatively short amount of time. Brad toured with my band and hit the studio with us for the … "With Aloha" project. After another year of tours, Brad ventured off on his own, making a name for himself in the Waikiki circuit. Fast forward a few years, and Brad is now releasing his debut album, "Kaohu".

I've been fortunate to see Brad's musical growth throughout the years. From Brad's chording on guitar to his tone and crooner vocal delivery, Brad's dedication to his music is only rivaled by his faith and love of the Lord. In typical Brad fashion, he's found a way to blend and balance both. His Uncle Mark and I often joke with him on some of his musical influences - mainly bugging him to go back to the 'original' source of his current "flavor-of-the-week" inspiration/influences - but we're both very aware that Brad's ability and repertoire has grown infinitely and truly come full circle.

Seeing and having the opportunity to be a part of Brad's journey and evolution is truly an honor, and I can't help but feel very proud of Brad as a friend and musical brother.

Pali Ka'aihue


John Berger of the Star Advertiser writes, "I Found My Love In Waikiki", is an original song. Songwriters have been describing the romantic delights of Waikiki for more than a century, and Kawakami’s composition upholds that time - honored tradition. “One look into her eyes and I knew,” he croons over a smooth, contemporary hapa-haole arrangement. The next time the visitor industry wants a new theme for a “come visit Hawaii” campaign, the search can begin and end with Kawakami’s song.

Kawakami and his co-producer partners, DJ Pratt and Herb Ohta Jr., put a new spin on “Blue Hawaii” by having Kawena Mechler harmonize with him in some places and echo him in others.

Kawakami and his celebrity guest studio musicians also do a beautiful job with “Ei Nei.” Romantic ballads are clearly his niche.

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