Herb Ohta, Jr.
“'Ukulele Journey”


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EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - Lele Music Productions
PRODUCER(S) - Herb Ohta, Jr. & Charley Lukela
ENGINEERING & MIX - Charley Lukela

Nathan Aweau: Bass
Jon Yamasato: Guitar
Noel Okimoto: Percussions
Daniel Ho: Piano
Ken Lykes: Guitar
Louis "Moon" Kauakahi: Guitar
Ledward Kaapana: Guitar
David Chino Montero: Guitar
Barry Flanagan: Guitar
Michael Guerrero: Bass
James Pilgrim: Guitar

“If a musician can transport their listeners to another place with their music, they are truly gifted. In "'Ukulele Journey," Herb Ohta, Jr. goes on a magical voyage. Fueled by his creative expression, his amazing precision, his love for the 'ukulele...and guided by his imagination. With each note picked and each chord strummed, he invites you to come along for the ride, and willingly, almost hypnotized, you follow wherever he takes you. From classic Hawaiian melodies, to contemporary pop tunes, and sprinkling in a few of his own originals, he takes you out of the routine, and into a land of pure sensory delight. Herb has always been without question one of the finest technical 'ukulele players out there. With this album, he touches your soul. The maturity of both the man and the musician are evident and showcases where Herb is on his own personal path that has brought him to this place in his "'Ukulele Journey."

Sharlene Aoki
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