Herb Ohta, Jr.
“'Ukulele Breeze”


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EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Lele Music Productions
PRODUCER(S): Herb Ohta, Jr. & Charley Lukela
ENGINEERING & MIX: Charley Lukela

Steve Jones: Bass
Jon Yamasato: Guitar
Noel Okimoto: Percussions
Ronnie Esteban: Keyboards / String Arrangements
Barry Flanagan: Guitar
Shun Tanaka: Drums
Kuni Nakai: Bass

This, Herb’s 5th solo recording, tickles the listener’s emotions with seven of his own originals and five cover - tunes that showcase styles of Pop, Latin, Hawaiian and beautiful ballads in a way that only Herb can express through his magical artistry. 

Hawaii music legend, Peter Moon states…..“Herb Ohta, Jr. – young and organized, seems to have found his path in the world of music. In this new recording, he’s expanded his variety of songs and the colors he uses are bold.  They paint an indelible picture of his artistic thoughts.
So sit back, relax, and let yourself journey to places familiar and for some, only in dreams.  Herb’s artistry paints a rainbow seen in places felt from the heart.”

Herb Ohta, Jr. has established himself as a composer, arranger, producer, recording artist, teacher and entertainer in the islands, on the mainland, and in Japan. Performing, Junior is able to convey the beauty and the emotions of music through smooth renditions of new and classic material.

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